4 Essential Tips for BOC Exam Success

Preparing for the BOC exam can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Achieving a balance between study and life is entirely possible, especially given the groundwork you’ve laid in the past few years.

Start with a Practice Exam Months Before the Exam Date

Taking your first practice BOC exam a few months in advance is crucial for effective time management. This step helps establish your baseline knowledge of BOC exam content and assesses your comfort level with test-taking skills. Once you know where you stand, you can better plan how many practice exams you need, the duration of your study sessions, and whether additional support from other study sources is beneficial.

Partner with an Accountability Buddy

Creating and adhering to a study plan can be challenging. Even if you enjoy planning and organizing, staying on track can be tough. If your schedule is packed with clinicals, classes, work, volunteering, socializing, and personal hobbies, creating an effective study plan might seem impossible.

Try to formulate a plan and share it with SOMEONE. It could be a classmate, friends, family, or even a fellow AT student you connect with online. Discussing your study progress with classmates a few times a week can be motivating and help you to push a bit harder on days when you lack the motivation. If reaching out regularly is a challenge for you, ensure your accountability partner checks on you 1-2 times a week.

Allocate Adequate Downtime

It’s easier said than done.

Realistically, spending all your spare time solely on BOC exam preparation may not be the most productive approach. You’ve completed the major duties of your AT student life, passed your classes, and likely finished most, if not all, of your clinical placements. Take a breather to celebrate, reconnect with friends and family, and revisit hobbies that may have taken a back seat over the past few years. Stay physically active and maintain a routine. If possible, treat yourself to a couple of vacations or take a daily walk outside.

It’s entirely acceptable for your BOC exam materials to gather a bit of dust. Just don’t let guilt creep in when you take much-needed breaks from studying.

Limit Social Media Time in Search of the Perfect Study Strategy

Yes, you’re doing it right now.

You’ve probably spent hours scrolling through social media and blogs and blogs, searching for the ultimate and most budget-friendly BOC exam resources, the optimal study duration, and the ideal number of practice tests. Feeling guilty when comparing your study hours to your peers on social media is unnecessary.

There isn’t a foolproof method to ace the BOC exam, and you won’t stumble upon a secret study tip that revolutionizes your approach, allowing you to cut down your study time significantly. You might not find a way to eliminate stress about the test, discover the perfect study schedule, or figure out the precise number of weeks or hours to study.

Most athletic training students tend to study in a manner similar to their approach during AT school, and each student’s needs may vary. Some can pass the BOC exam with minimal study hours, while others may require several months or multiple attempts. Everyone has a unique study style, and you probably already know what works best for you.

Trust yourself, don’t overanalyze, and study in a way that feels right for you. Don’t stress if your study approach differs from others.

You’ve got this!

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