6 Ways to Become a Better Complainer

Almost everyone knows a chronic complainer: that person who complains about something insignificant but overlooks every positive aspect of their life. Usually, you don’t always disagree with what they’re complaining about; you’re more bothered by the way they’re complaining: incessantly, ineffectively, and insufferably. And many Athletic Trainers and AT students are definitely guilty of being …

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Essentials for Crushing the BOC

The BOC is a 175-question exam that encompasses all of the entry-level material required to practice athletic training in the United States. The BOC works hard to make sure that each content area is tested fairly, accurately, and proportionately.

BOC Exam Time Management

I sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying their studying sessions.  It can be extremely daunting to consider the sheer quantity of information that you must know for the exam.  When you combine that with critical thinking and time constraints, it creates a perfect storm that can cause real anxiety.  Lately, I’ve had a number of …

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