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The Ultimate List of Athletic Training Student Discounts

You can't avoid the fact that college isn't cheap. If you’re looking for ways to save money, there ...
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8 Books Every Athletic Training Student Should Read

As athletic training grads and current athletic training students prepare for the next chapter in ...
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Keeping Track: Planners and Notepads for Athletic Trainers

Finding ways to keep track of your schedule and learning better ways to help you study or plan out ...

Exam Success & Study Tips

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How to Actually Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

Why do we spend so much time online? We should be studying, writing papers, studying for the BOC ...
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Feeling Overwhelmed? Here Are 8 Ways to Feel Better Now.

u’re like a lot of college students, you’ve probably experienced overwhelm or burnout. In addition, ...
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What To Do When You Fail the BOC Exam

If you failed the BOC exam, the 3 R strategy is a highly effective way to respond and move forward. ...

Career Prep

Working Outside the Box: Emerging Settings in Athletic

Happy National Athletic Training Month 2022!  To coincide with this year’s theme, Providing ...

The Definitive Guide to Your First Athletic Training Job

In Part 1 of our athletic training resume guide, best practices and formatting of resumes were ...
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The Definitive Guide to Your First Athletic Training Job

It can be challenging to write the perfect resume since everyone has a different definition of ...

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