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10 Ways to Make the Most Out Attending an Athletic

Getting involved in athletic training conferences or conventions can do a lot for your career. ...
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How to Make Friends After College

Find out how to make friends and get a social life after college. College is exciting for many ...

Life After College: 7 Things Nobody Tells You

Is life better after college? Here are 7 things you need to know about life after college. After ...

Exam Success & Study Tips

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So, you failed the BOC exam. Now what?

Maybe you felt confident walking into the exam room. Or maybe you knew your chances were slim. ...
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Prepping for the BOC Exam: How Soon is Too Soon?

We get tons of questions from athletic training about when to start preparing for the Board of ...
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How to Take BOC Practice Exams the Right Way

Practice testing is an essential part of your prep for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam. ...

Career Prep

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10 Tips for Writing An Entry-Level Athletic Training Job

So you’re ready to start your first job as an entry-level athletic trainer, and suddenly realize ...

The Right Way to List Your Qualifications Behind Your Name

Listing abbreviations correctly is important because it aligns us with standards that other ...

Acing Your First Athletic Training Job Interview

There are many articles on how to succeed in interviews. We all know you should have a firm ...

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