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6 Scientific Study Tips for Athletic Training Students

How can you and other athletic training students make sure study sessions are effective? To help you ...
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The Price Athletic Trainers Who ‘Cope Well’

I talk to a lot of athletic trainers every week. Often, I see athletic trainers dealing with really ...

Exam Success & Study Tips

The ‘High Utility’ Technique for Studying

What else should athletic training students do if rereading, underlining, and summarizing ...

How Asking for Advice is More Effective Than Asking for

You just gave a great presentation to your class or co-workers and landed an invitation to share at ...
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The Craziest Method That Will Determine Your Future: How

Have you ever wondered how the Athletic Training Board of Certification (BOC) Exam is actually ...

Career Prep

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The Definitive Guide to Your First Athletic Training Job

It can be challenging to write the perfect resume since everyone has a different definition of ...
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10 Tips for Writing An Entry-Level Athletic Training Job

So you’re ready to start your first job as an entry-level athletic trainer, and suddenly realize ...

The Right Way to List Your Qualifications Behind Your Name

Listing abbreviations correctly is important because it aligns us with standards that other ...

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