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Discovering Career Paths in Athletic Training

The practice settings we are most familiar with are just the beginning – athletic trainers (ATs) can pursue many exciting pathways spanning many different industries. From preventing injuries and rehabilitating performers, musicians, and vocalists to keeping active military members healthy, in every setting, ATs care about the patients’ growth, development, and well-being. Learning about the different settings in which ATs work is the first step on the path to this rewarding career.

treatment and rehabilitation notepad

Keeping Track: Planners and Notepads for Athletic Trainers

Finding ways to keep track of your schedule and learning better ways to help you study or plan out your treatment sessions will make it a little easier when your day is full of chaos. Because as ATs, we all know our day never goes according to plan.

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10 Ways to Make the Most Out Attending an Athletic Training Conference

Getting involved in athletic training conferences or conventions can do a lot for your career. You’ll learn about the latest industry trends, gain some new skills, and make new friends. And maybe there’ll be some free food. But all those speakers, sessions, contacts, and conversations can be a little overwhelming. If you’re going to an …

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