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Tips for Balancing College and Parenthood as an Athletic Training Student

Becoming an athletic trainer takes a lot of hard work, but your degree can open up doors in your career and qualify you for better jobs. Being a parent makes balancing college, work, and parenting a little more difficult, but plenty of parents still decide to go back to school and make it work. 

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Keeping Track: Planners and Notepads for Athletic Trainers

Finding ways to keep track of your schedule and learning better ways to help you study or plan out your treatment sessions will make it a little easier when your day is full of chaos. Because as ATs, we all know our day never goes according to plan.

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How to Actually Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

Why do we spend so much time online? We should be studying, writing papers, studying for the BOC exam, or whatever – but instead, we’re on Reddit. Or scrolling through Twitter with glazed eyes. Even reading about productivity can be a waste of time. I mean, who wants to waste more time than they have to?

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6 Steps to Bounce Back from Failing the BOC Exam

Athletic training students tend to be highflyers academically. For many, the BOC exam was or will be the first exam they’d ever failed; it can be a shock to the system and a reality check

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Dealing with Bad Grades or Exam Results

Getting ‘bad’ exam results can be a good thing so long as we use it to motivate ourselves to work harder next time (if that’s what we really want). However, we can choose not to feel bad about our results (which are now completely beyond our control).

6 Ways to Become a Better Complainer

Almost everyone knows a chronic complainer: that person who complains about something insignificant but overlooks every positive aspect of their life. Usually, you don’t always disagree with what they’re complaining about; you’re more bothered by the way they’re complaining: incessantly, ineffectively, and insufferably. And many Athletic Trainers and AT students are definitely guilty of being …

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