Don’t Stress the Test: Beating BOC Exam Anxiety

Test anxiety affects individuals differently, with some experiencing intense symptoms like butterflies in the stomach, headaches, racing heart, sweating, and even feeling on the verge of passing out or getting sick. Even those with milder symptoms often struggle with a “blank mind” sensation where they cannot answer even basic questions. However, it’s essential to recognize …

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8 Ways to Manage BOC Exam Anxiety

As an athletic trainer, passing the Board of Certification (BOC) exam is a crucial step in your career. However, the pressure of taking such an important exam can lead to test anxiety. Test anxiety is a common experience for many athletic training students, but it doesn’t have to be a debilitating one. Here are some tips for overcoming test anxiety and succeeding on the BOC exam.

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Set Values Over Resolutions

As you review 2022 and look forward to 2023, don’t choose resolutions. Instead, think about your values. There’s more versatility in values than in resolutions. Plus, they’re a lot easier to manage. Probably the most popular resolution is to lose weight. Even if you have set a specific amount of weight to lose, the resolution …

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