Unhelpful Feedback Reason Helpful Feedback Reason
Your body language could've been much better.
When you took the patient's history, you were looking at your phone and not at the patient.
Detailed, descriptive, focused on a behavior
You were not empathetic with that patient.
Not specific
You didn't acknowledge the problem the patient was dealing with and how it affected her life.
Identifies a specific problem
You didn't notice how upset the patient was.
During the exam, at one point the patient looked down and appeared to be about to cry. You quickly continued asking questions and never asked about what was upsetting the patient. Did you notice the patient did that?
Descriptive, specific, non-judgemental
You did really well.
Not specific
At the beginning, you asked really good questions to get the patient to elaborate and tell their story. You paused and allowed the patient to talk and listened to what they had to say.
Specific, descriptive, positive
You should to the special test this way.
Have you thought about this hand placement when doing this special test?
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