Administrative Duties and Student Orientation

Before your students can be effectively integrated into the clinical site, you must orient them on rules, expectations, and their role.

Preceptor Expectations of the Student:

  • Daily report time
  • Discuss your own instructional method
  • Dress code specific to clinical rotation
  • Any important dates that student needs to be aware of
    • Home events, additional opportunities, etc.

Additional points of discussion should include your emergency action plan and its location, blood-borne pathogen plan, where all equipment and supplies are located, practice/game facility parking/entrances/and other important details, specifics on setting up for practices/games, and any other information that you deem important for the student to be aware of. It can help to keep a running tally of what former students have asked and include this information in your first meeting.

We also want to give students the opportunity to learn how our medical records system works. Writing notes and documenting will be part of their learning standards. Allowing them the opportunity to practice this from the start of their rotation will only benefit them. Orientation of this should include how to log-in, where to find student athletes, where to input SOAP and progress notes, and where to log daily treatments.

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