Instilling Confidence

  • Encourage students to use these skills and praise them on their correct use
  • The more a student is ability to practice their physical skills, the more confident they become in using them. 
  • Confidence in your skills/knowledge helps patients to feel more comfortable and trust you. We want to encourage our students to speak clearly, explain each step they are performing, and use confident body language.
  • Confident body language includes making eye contact, standing tall, and keeping your chin up.

  • Practice delivering injury diagnoses, practice limitations, patient updates in a controlled setting before talking to coaches and support staff.
  • Have students begin with talking to less intimidating coaches/support staff and gradually work to “more difficult” individuals.

Research shows that patient outcomes improve with more confident practitioners. Confidence is also an important aspect of clinical decision-making. When the practitioner is confident, they are able to think clearly through the problem to come up with a solution and are able to use their own previous experiences to help make clinical decisions.

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