Role of a Mentor

Preceptors facilitate learning and evaluate student progress through:

“Mentorship is a protected relationship in which a more knowledgeable or experienced person guides and nurtures the professional development or growth of another, outside the normal manager/subordinate line management” (Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences, n.d.).

The goal of mentoring as a preceptor is to coach, direct, and guide the student through an experience or process. 

Professional acceptance means a person sees themselves as part of the profession. When preceptors delegate some level of responsibility to the student for providing patient care, as well as communicating the patient’s status to coaches or family, they are able to build professional acceptance. 

Nurturing as a preceptor means to encourage the growth and professional development of the student through good communication, emotional support, and intentional, constructive feedback. 

Modeling professional behavior is the preceptor’s ability to:

  • Demonstrate respect to students
  • Work effectively with others
  • Maintain rapport with patients
  • Consult with others when needed
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