Professional acceptance means the student feels they are contributing and play an important role in the delivery of healthcare services – a true part of the profession! 

Preceptors can promote professional acceptance by:

  • Delegating responsibilities to students
  • Asking students their opinion or for a solution to a problem you are addressing – and listen!

Allow students to be visible and the leader of the group when appropriate. Examples of this are: 

  • Allowing the student to conduct the first assessment
  • Share information with coaches or family members

Students feel included when they are given tasks to be responsible for. You should never assign a task that you wouldn’t do yourself. Provide feedback to the student on these tasks periodically. 

Professional acceptance includes peer-to-peer teaching. Ask students to teach one another when appropriate, and acknowledge moments when a student can be entrusted to teach a student with lesser knowledge or skills. 

Being inclusive means refraining from using “I” and “mine” when talking about responsibilities, settings, patients, or experiences that you may share with the student. Instead, say “we” and “ours” to show that the responsibilities are shared. 

Encourage all students to be a member of their professional organization and engage in some manner. Talk to students about why this is important, including the value of having an NPI number and for maintaining their continuing certification. 

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