There are three levels of questions when engaging in strategic questioning with a student: 


Asking ‘what’ questions helps the student remember factual knowledge. 

So what?

Asking ‘so what’ questions helps the student use conceptual and procedural knowledge. This helps the student practically connect, analyze, and use information. 

Now what?

Asking the student ‘now what’ questions helps to create metacognition. This means the student is able to evaluation information, create meaning, and make decisions. 

Putting what you’ve learned together, you can adjust your supervisory style to the student’s level of development, and know how to ask the appropriate level of questions. 

Supervisory Style Student Development Level Question Level
S1: Coach and direct
D1: Unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent
Q1: What?
S2: Support
D2: Consciously competent
Q2: So what?
S3: Delegate
D3: Unconsciously competent
Q3: Now what?
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