How to Prepare for the BOC Exam: 6 Tips and Strategies to Ace It

The BOC exam, short for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam, is the benchmark for aspiring athletic trainers, and acing it is crucial to kickstart your career. So, how do you master this all-important test? Let’s dive into some tried and true tips and tricks that will set you on the path to success.

Craft a Well-Defined Study Schedule

The BOC exam requires early and dedicated preparation. You can’t cram for it over a weekend before the big day. To do it right, aim for at least 200 to 300 hours of study time, and if you’re somewhat rusty on the material, consider investing even more time. Starting your BOC exam prep early in your second year, with a goal of taking the BOC exam in the spring of that academic year (January, March/April exam cycles), is a great goal to have if you’re able. Remember, procrastination is your enemy; allocate ample time to absorb the material.

Stick to What Works for You

If you’re considering the BOC exam, you’re no stranger to the art of studying. You’ve already mastered techniques that suit your learning style. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Stick to what’s been successful for you in the past.

No matter your preferred method, create a detailed study schedule and adhere to it faithfully. Consistency is your best friend during BOC exam prep.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Simply memorizing information won’t cut it on the BOC exam. You need to acquaint yourself with the exam format and timing. The way to do this is by taking practice tests. They give you insights into the structure of the exam, and they help you manage your time efficiently.

But remember, it’s common for students to score better on practice exams than on the real thing. Use this knowledge to your advantage, and take practice exams as a tool for improvement.

Identify Your Weak Spots and Strengthen Them

Practice exams also reveal where you might be stumbling. Use these insights to fine-tune your study plan. If you notice particular weaknesses, don’t shy away from them; confront them head-on (ATStudy Buddy exams give you a breakdown by domain). 

Set Clear Goals

While you’re ultimately chasing a passing BOC exam score, you need milestones along the way. Set smaller goals for weekly material coverage, daily study hours, or practice exam scores. These will keep you motivated and ensure steady progress toward your final objective.

Aim for Success on Your First Attempt

Sure, you can retake the BOC exam if needed, but it’s expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Your best bet is to go all-in for the first attempt. It’s undoubtedly hard work, but the payoff is avoiding a repeat performance.

Embrace the Challenge

Conquering the BOC exam will demand time, dedication, and intellectual effort. Remember, this test is your gateway to an exciting career in athletic training. So, dive in, study smart, and make the most of this opportunity to achieve your dream.

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