How to Prepare for the BOC Exam in Just One Month

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Preparing for the athletic training Board of Certification (BOC) exam can be quite a challenge. If you’ve never taken a large professional exam such as the BOC exam, you might be wondering how much time you need to dedicate to your BOC exam preparation. While the recommended study duration can vary depending on your level of readiness, it is advisable to allocate more than just four weeks to adequately prepare for the BOC exam. But if you are running on fumes and have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find time to study. If you’re in a crunch, here are our tips for studying for the BOC exam in just one month: 

Week 1: Creating Your Study Plan

To begin, invest two to four hours in developing a study schedule. Think of this schedule as your roadmap to success, guiding you through your preparation journey. You can use a blank sheet of paper with thirty boxes or utilize a digital or paper planner. If you already maintain a personal calendar, consider integrating your study schedule into your existing system.

Next, choose a specific BOC exam date and mark it on your calendar. Although you can always modify this date later, having a fixed target will help you structure your studying. Once your test date is set, focus on taking practice exams, review sessions, and remediation periods leading up to the big day. Customize your study plan to address your unique needs, whether they involve content review, practice, test-taking strategies, or a combination of all three.

Reviewing Practice Questions

Practice tests, especially realistic Computer Adaptive Tests (ATStudy Buddy has many practice exams available with domain performance breakdowns and question reviews), provide valuable insights into your progress. Analyze your test results to identify areas that require further study and use them as checkpoints to measure your advancement. Dedicate time to remedying any weak areas. If certain content areas are still unfamiliar to you, spend a day or two refreshing your knowledge using engaging content videos or other effective review methods. Once you’ve completed the review, seamlessly continue with your study plan.

One crucial key to success in the BOC exam is exposure to a wide range of questions. Maximize your experience by taking, reviewing, and remediating as many practice questions as possible. To create a realistic practice environment, avoid distractions, resist the urge to look up answers during the exam, and focus on your critical thinking skills to arrive at the correct solutions. Gather practice question resources that expose you to many questions. Remember that answering questions is more vital than simply studying content.

Designing Your Study Schedule

Begin by establishing a regular routine for reviewing for a set amount of time in the morning and another review session in the evening. Following each study session, dedicate time to reviewing and remediating any questions you have remaining. This thorough review process is essential to ensure a clear understanding of why the correct answers are right and to avoid relying on lucky guesses.

Weeks 2 and 3: Executing Your Study Guide for Success

Continue working through practice questions or study materials, taking breaks after each session. Before moving on to the next practice set, thoroughly review and remediate the previous set. Remember that remediation is just as crucial, if not more so, than answering questions. This phase of your BOC exam preparation not only helps you understand your test-taking style but also reinforces less familiar content. By refreshing your understanding of certain topics, you’ll be better equipped to select the correct responses to future practice questions.

Week 4: The Final Days Before the Exam

As your BOC exam day approaches, it’s normal for anxiety to increase. Employ self-regulation techniques such as mindfulness exercises, meditation, yoga, or reciting positive affirmations. Regular exercise can also improve focus and stamina while reducing anxiety. Avoid negative self-talk, as it can cause loss of focus and additional stress. To alleviate stress during this last week, consider the following tips:

  • Take regular breaks during study periods.
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and limiting caffeine intake.
  • Engage in brisk walks or other forms of exercise to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation.
  • Ensure you get enough sleep, aiming for 7-8 hours each night.

On the day before the BOC exam, schedule something enjoyable to help you relax and get in the right mindset.

Before test day, it is highly recommended to visit the BOC exam site or review your map to travel there to familiarize yourself with the location and estimate travel time. This will help prevent additional anxiety on the day of the test and provide a clear idea of how much time you’ll need to reach the testing center. 

The Day of Your BOC Exam

The big day has finally arrived, and you’re fully prepared thanks to your diligent studying. Remember to repeat positive affirmations like “I am prepared. I will succeed.” As you walk into the BOC exam site, trust in your preparation and give it your best effort.

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