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One of our favorite TikTok stars is Laura Whaley, better known by her handle @loewhaley. The Toronto, Ontario native has more than 2.8 million followers on TikTok as of September 2022. While Laura works as an IT consultant, her “How do you say professionally? videos are applicable to any athletic training job setting.

In Laura’s videos, she translates things she wants to say into corporate jargon to show how you can get your point across to a co-worker or supervisor without coming off as rude. 

Our favorite corporate speak for athletic trainers? 

  1. When you want to say: Say in your own lane

Try saying instead: Thank you for your input. I’ll keep that in mind as I move forward with decisions that fall within my responsibility

  1. When you want to say: I’ve told you this multiple times. 

Try saying instead: There seems to be a disconnect here as this information has already been provided. 

We’ve rounded up a few more that may be helpful. Enjoy! 

How do you professional say…

…that sounds like a you problem? 

I believe that falls within your scope of responsibilities, but I’m happy to support where it makes sense. 

…why didn’t you ask me for this sooner? 

Given the tight turnaround, it would’ve been beneficial to have been looped in on this sooner. 

…stop emailing/texting/calling me so often?

To ensure that information doesn’t get lost, let’s reduce the frequency of communication so that updates are only provided once more details have been established. 

…No, I will not take on Paul’s workload unless I’m taking on his salary, too?

I can support Paul when required. However, I am not able to take on his workload within my current role. If a promotion or support becomes available, I’m happy to discuss further details. 

…I’m not attending this meeting because it’s a waste of my time. 

Declining this invite as I do not feel as though I’m able to add value to this meeting. 

…if you’re going to present my work, at least give me credit for it? 

I understand you have presented my work to a wider audience and wanted to confirm that I was given proper credit for my efforts/ideas. 

…While I’m on vacation, do not contact me. I do not exist. 

While I am off, I will not be reachable so please do not expect a response. I have CC’d [insert name] as a point of contact while I’m off. 

…I am making less than I should be in this role. 

After analyzing the current market rate for comparable roles to mine, I understand that I am making $[amount] less than the going rate. 

…If you expect me to do the job of three people then I expect the salary of three people. 

Are additional team members being added to take on these roles, or will I be expected to absorb these responsibilities? If the latter, I’d be happy to set up some time to discuss appropriate compensation for this role expansion. 

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