Human Anatomy


Right psoas major Ilium Pubic symphysis Ischium Femur Left psoas major Sacrum Lumbar spine Ribs

Shoulder Muscles & Bony Anatomy

Acromion Subdeltoid bursa Coracoid process Humerus Bicipital tendon Subcapularis Biceps barchaii (long head) Biceps barchaii (short head) Triceps Brachialis Supraspinatus Clavicle Scapula

Elbow Muscles & Bony Anatomy

Tricep Articular capsule Radial collateral ligament Ulna Radius Annular ligament Biceps tendon Biceps  Humerus

Types of Joints

Click on the hotspots to uncover the names of the types of joints. Pivot joint Saddle joint Plane joint Hinge joint Condyloid joint Ball and socket joint

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