Tips for Success in an Athletic Training Master’s Degree Program

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Getting a master’s degree in athletic training takes time, money, and dedication. As an athletic training student, you want to succeed, make sure your effort was worth it, and graduate with new skills and knowledge. Master’s degrees can help you get jobs and promotions, which is why following these steps is crucial for success.

Know Your Why

Identify why you’re pursuing a master’s degree in athletic training. Are you trying to get your dream job, earn a higher income for your family, learn more skills, or rise to the top? Make sure you’re all in and doing what’s right for you. Your “why” will help motivate you when things get stressful and difficult. It will help you push through late-night study sessions, clinic time, and hours of coursework.

Plan the How

Think about your work schedule versus your school schedule, and how you will finance your master’s program. Plan your strategy.

In an athletic training program, time is precious and scarce, so my tip is to plan ahead more than you think you need to. Make a plan upfront setting time aside for your studies so that you can stay ahead and accomplish your goals.

Make your projects easier to accomplish by breaking them up into smaller steps. Stay on top of your schoolwork by making a schedule, to-do list, and setting SMART goals.

Build a Network

Make sure you communicate with your professors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make friends with your classmates. Form study groups and help each other out. Connect on social media, including LinkedIn. Maybe you’ll be able to help each other later or make lifelong friends. Even after you graduate, your classmates and professors can be great resources.

Don’t forget your current support group, even if you’re building a network of new people. Maintaining good social relationships is important. So even if you’re busy, make time for your family and friends. When things get hard, they can be a big help and give you a life outside of school.

You can do it! There are a lot of resources available to help you succeed with an athletic training master’s degree. Build a network and support system, and know your why.

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