Navigating BOC Exam Anxiety: Your Roadmap to Success

at student test anxiety

When facing the daunting challenge of the Board of Certification (BOC) exam for athletic trainers, understanding and managing test anxiety is key to conquering this common hurdle. To help you overcome BOC exam anxiety, start by assessing its severity through a series of self-reflective questions. Here are ten questions to guide you on your journey:

Procrastination Patterns: Are you delaying your study sessions until the last minute? Like hitting the snooze button on an alarm, procrastination might momentarily ease stress but does little to help test anxiety. It often makes it worse. 

Learning from Past Experiences: Have past BOC exams or other proctored exam performances left you feeling defeated? Remember, each exam is a fresh opportunity. Don’t let past results weigh you down; instead, approach each exam with a positive mindset.

Focus Under Pressure: Do you struggle to stay focused during exams? While difficulty concentrating isn’t exclusive to test anxiety, consider if your mind tends to wander more during stressful situations. This could be a sign of anxious test-taking.

Physical Symptoms: Do you experience physical symptoms like nausea, a racing heart, or sweating? Acknowledging these symptoms allows you to prepare and implement coping strategies, such as breathing exercises and practice BOC exams.

Comparing Abilities: Are you constantly measuring your abilities against others? Avoid falling into the trap of assuming everyone else is doing better than you. Comparisons can be discouraging and negatively impact your BOC exam performance.

Timed Test Worries: Concerned about the time constraints of the BOC exam? The BOC exam has a 4-hour time limit and 175 questions. Take timed BOC practice tests (like those on ATStudy Buddy!) to familiarize yourself with the BOC exam pacing.

Post-Test Reflection: Do you spend excessive time reflecting on past exam performances? While reflection is natural, dwelling on the past won’t change the outcome. Focus on positive ways to move forward, especially if a retake is on the horizon.

Format Anxiety: Worried about the test format? The BOC exam follows a specific format and uses certain types of questions. This knowledge helps you feel more confident and less surprised on BOC exam day.

Fear of Blank Mind: Concerned about forgetting everything during the BOC exam? Implement memorization tricks and repetitive recitation in your study routine. If you draw a blank during the BOC exam, consider skipping and revisiting challenging questions later. You can mark them for review on the actual BOC exam so you know which to come back to and revisit. 

Test Day Preparation: Have you planned your BOC exam day schedule? Avoid last-minute panic by familiarizing yourself with all the relevant information provided by the testing organization. Knowing when to leave, your exam appointment time, and the required items will help you approach BOC exam day with confidence.

By addressing these questions, you’ll gain insights into your test anxiety and develop personalized strategies for success. Remember, conquering test anxiety is a journey, and you have the tools to navigate it with confidence.

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