Navigating the Days Leading Up to the BOC Exam

As the day of your Board of Certification (BOC) exam looms closer, the challenge of determining where to direct your focus can be overwhelming. While we advocate for a relaxed approach rather than last-minute cramming on the eve of your BOC exam, we have identified some effective study strategies for the time period leading up to it.

By now, you’ve likely worked through your study materials, leaving you with the question, “What should I do next?” This is the opportune moment to fully utilize online practice exams. These tests serve as invaluable tools to pinpoint your strengths and, more importantly, areas that demand improvement (ATStudy Buddy breaks it down by domain). Following the completion of an exam, invest time in reviewing each question and compile a list labeled “Topics to Review” for the ones you answered incorrectly. Resist the urge to start a full re-read of chapters or study guides. Instead, hone in on specific questions related to your exam and study question experiences:

  1. Did I answer this question incorrectly?
  2. Why did I get it wrong?
  3. In which section of my textbook/notes/outlines/ATStudy Buddy modules can this content be found?
  4. Did I find any patterns or recurrent topics that were most challenging?

As you revisit these topic areas, aim to grasp the entire subject rather than merely focusing on the concept you missed in the study question or practice exam. For instance, if you stumbled on a question about types of negligence, delve into a comprehensive review of all negligence types rather than fixating on the specific one you got wrong.

Additionally, scrutinize your correct answers. Did you arrive at the correct answer through educated guesswork, or did you possess prior knowledge? Evaluate any uncertainties you may have had about alternative answer options. If guesswork played a role, ensure a deep understanding of why the correct answer is indeed correct. In cases where you’re unfamiliar with answer options, invest time in reviewing them in your manual.

Once you’ve addressed these issues, consider retaking the practice exams. You can take ATStudy Buddy practice exams as many times as you’d like to compare different attempts. 

While the liberty to take practice exams multiple times exists, it is advised not to fall into the trap of memorizing answers. Instead, engage a friend or family member in quizzing you on the questions without providing multiple-choice options. This approach requires you to recall the correct answers without relying on the process of elimination.

Given that the practice exams mirror the question types found in the certification exam, seizing the opportunity to leverage this study resource is undoubtedly in your best interest.

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