Set Values Over Resolutions

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As you review 2022 and look forward to 2023, don’t choose resolutions. Instead, think about your values. There’s more versatility in values than in resolutions. Plus, they’re a lot easier to manage.

Probably the most popular resolution is to lose weight. Even if you have set a specific amount of weight to lose, the resolution is too far out of your control. Are you skipping that extra beer at the party? Are you going to exercise on certain days? We can only answer these questions in the moment.

When we’re in the moment, we’ll make choices that won’t help us keep our resolutions. Okay, one more. Our acquaintance’s birthday is a “special occasion.” The gym is packed this time of day, so we’ll skip it.

Decide what your values are instead. Your values are, well, the things you value in life. Which things are more important to you? You might decide that health is important to you. Maybe you want to be around to see your kids grow up.

When you pick a value, two things happen.

  • First of all, you give yourself a tool. Turning down a slice of birthday cake doesn’t mean you’ll lose your health.
  • Two: you take responsibility for your actions. You’re your own value system. They’re not an external goal hanging over your head. Values aren’t something you run from, they’re something you grow into.

I think about my values every year. Knowing my values helps guide my decisions and make changes that are hard and scary at first. Here are a few values that you can consider – and then go write your own!

  • I value the pursuit of curiosity over money.
  • I value freedom over materialism.
  • I value self-investment over fitting in.
  • I value contentment over happiness.
  • I value challenge over comfort.
  • I value focus over distraction.

Maybe some of these values speak to you. Maybe not. Maybe you don’t agree with pitting one of these ideas against the other.

Whatever your values are, it doesn’t matter. To define your values, you have to strip away your insecurities, face your fears, and dig into yourself. It will make all of the difference in being the best version of yourself you can be in 2023.

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