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6 Steps to Bounce Back from Failing the BOC Exam

Athletic training students tend to be highflyers academically. For many, the BOC exam was or will be the first exam they’d ever failed; it can be a shock to the system and a reality check

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The BOC Exam is Just a Game

It all comes down to this. You’re close to finishing your penultimate year of studying athletic training and getting ready to take the athletic training Board of Certification exam. 

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Dealing with Bad Grades or Exam Results

Getting ‘bad’ exam results can be a good thing so long as we use it to motivate ourselves to work harder next time (if that’s what we really want). However, we can choose not to feel bad about our results (which are now completely beyond our control).

Get to Know the BOC Exam

The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of the BOC athletic training exam, how the exam is structured, and tips for passing. If you’re preparing for a BOC exam, you can check this out or save it for later when you’re ready to take the exam. The BOC Exam: A Quick Overview …

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