The Best Way to Review What You Got Wrong on BOC Practice Exams

Being successful on the BOC exam depends not only on how much you studied but how well you studied. It’s good practice to check periodically to see if you are actually retaining the information you are studying. A good way to do this is by taking a practice BOC exam. Practice tests can help you find areas where you can improve. 

ATStudy Buddy practice exams breakdown your post-practice exam report into domains, the questions you got right or wrong, and shows you the correct answers for review. Every time that you take a BOC practice exam, pay attention to these three areas: 

  • The questions you had to guess on, even if you guessed correctly
  • The questions you found difficult to answer
  • The questions you got wrong

By reviewing these areas, you can find out what areas need improvement and where you need to spend more time studying. Don’t just review the correct answers – think about why these questions were difficult for you. Did you flat-out not know the answer, or did you misread the question? Was there a vocabulary word you didn’t know? Did you run out of time on the practice exam? 

Digging into these questions can help you as you go back and review the material, or strategize for future practice exams before the big exam day. Take the time to go back to your notes or textbook and investigate the correct answers. Make a list of the concepts you need to work on and review them until you’re sure that you understand them thoroughly before taking another practice exam. It’s important not to take another practice BOC exam until you feel that you are ready. Doing so can damage your confidence and overwhelm you. Work up to your next practice exam gradually. 

On BOC exam day, you’ll need to be prepared to manage your time (4 hours goes by quickly), answer questions, and use the test-taking strategies that work for you. The exam is a mental marathon that has a massive impact on your future! Start slowly and work your way up. A good way to do this on ATStudy Buddy is to start with the mini-exams, then move on to the Domain-specific exams, and then attempt a full BOC Practice exam. 

Good luck! 

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