Try These Study Tips if You Want to Pass the BOC Exam

Yes, you can pass the BOC exam. Here’s how.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student, high schooler, or athletic training student preparing for the BOC exam; studying for exams can be hard. Sometimes you just wanna burn all your books. But doing that means you’ll be less likely to pass the BOC exam.

In this article, you’ll learn tips that’ll help you study better and give you a higher chance of passing the BOC exam. 

Choose your study location

Habits are good for your brain. If you keep studying there, you’ll get your brain to think that space is just for studying. By doing this, you’ll remember your study sessions better.

You can study at places like:

  • A room in your home
  • The library
  • The park
  • A coffee shop

If you’re bored with your location, you can always switch it up. Many athletic training students like to change where they study simply because their schedules are so hectic. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

Choose a study method

When you pick a study method, it changes the way you study. This can help you remember more stuff for longer. You won’t freak out when it comes time to take the test.

No one likes brain freeze during an exam. The Feynman method or the SQ3R method works well. The only way to study better and get good grades is to use one study method. Feynman’s technique is my favorite. Choose one that works for you and stick with it.

Have a snack

Flavonoids in dark chocolate and berries make them good study snacks. Flavonoids are great for memory and the functioning of the brain. In studies, flavonoids have been shown to improve mental performance. Nuts also contain high levels of Vitamin E, which is good for your cognitive health.

Have some coffee

Keep yourself awake with coffee if you’re tired. Coffee can improve concentration when you study, according to some studies. Having more energy can also help. Try not to be too dependent on coffee (or caffeinated beverages in general), as you can become addicted to it.

Add color

You’ll improve your memory and attention by adding color to your studies. Use more than one color. You can highlight important facts when studying with highlighters and colored pens. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Take a break

After an hour of studying, take a 30-minute break. It’s best to get your mind off studying when you’re taking a break. Do something you like, like reading or watching Netflix. Just be sure to avoid anything that might cause you to lose track of time or cause you stress.  

Go for a walk

On your breaks, you can also go for a walk. You get more blood flowing to your brain when you walk. Don’t forget to get outside now and then. Make sure to go for a walk on the day of your exam if you’re able.

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