Year in Review: 2021 Athletic Training Favorites


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Athletic Trainers are recognized for their role in caring for athletes while adapting to many changes. 


Athletic Trainers in the military setting are recognized for their role in caring for recruits and drill instructors. 


In March we celebrated National Athletic Training Month. This year, the theme was ‘ATs are essential to health care’. 

The NATA separated the NATA Young Professionals’ Committee (YPC) into two committees. To serve the needs of young and established professionals, there is now the NATA Early Professionals’ Committee (EPC) and the NATA Career Advancement Committee (CAC). Read about the purpose for each committee here. 


Athletic trainer, Kelly Crowe, is recognized for her actions following a commotio cordis event at a lacrosse game. 


The University of Cincinnati’s athletic training staff responds to the COVID-19 pandemic and carries their team to the Peach Bowl. 


In June, we came together to learn and grow and the NATA Virtual Clinical Symposia and AT Expo. More than 10,000 attendees took part in the event! 


High Point University celebrates a 100% first-time passing rate on the BOC exam with its athletic training students.

Grand Canyon University alum, Kellie Lotshaw, shows another side of athletic training with her work at Amazon as an injury prevention specialist. 


Ohio’s ATs Care community is recognized for providing support to area athletic trainers following a catastrophic injury or event. 


East Henderson athletic trainer, Sarah Warren, of Pardee Sports Medicine, is acknowledged for her actions when responding to and providing continuing care for a football quarterback following a scary injury. 

The importance of Athletic Trainers’ makes national news as Alcorn State cancels practice due to the lack of an athletic trainer. 


Parents use data from the NATA, the Korey Stringer Institute, and the University of Connecticut to increase awareness about the lack of athletic trainers in public high schools in the U.S. 

Athletic trainer, Jamie Broz, helps to create a center in Southwest Ohio that focuses on female athletes between ages 11-22. 


The University of Mississippi’s athletic training program begins a new concussion education program. 


Eastern Michigan University athletic training student, Synene, wins the Dr. Pepper tuition giveaway contest in the Big 10 division. 

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